Welcome to the Business, Finance and Federal Programs Office

Left to Right:Mrs. Rowlett, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. White, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Vassar

What we believe…

Well-functioning Finance Department are instrumental to school success and scholars learning. It serves as a foundation for the district, by providing needed systems of support and resources for schools, staff, and scholars. The PBSD Finance Department is responsible for budgeting, financial management, contracting, and the day to day over site of all district state, and federal funds. Our department is charged with the compliant stewardship of district resources and for the transparent and efficient use of all funds.

The finance department commits to the continuous and ongoing analysis of programs and initiatives to ensure that they are aligned to district financial and instructional goals.

As a part of the districts vision of Excellence All Day, Every Day, and the department will create a new performance management system that will focus on continuous improvement of the day to day operations.    It commits to establishing and maintaining high levels of customer service to all members of the Zebra family and the community in which we do business.  

Financially yours,

Jacqueline Rowlett 

Laura Strickland

Nortoria Thomas

Tracy White

Barbra Williams